Home and Room Additions

At Fitch Design Company, we curate lifestyles. 
If your lifestyle is outgrowing your home, it’s time for a home addition!
Adding a room to a house isn’t just adding square footage. It’s adding more space for liveliness, self-expression, family, hobbies, work, and relaxation. It gives you more room to truly live and enrich your life. We customize the home addition to you and your needs.
Building a home addition requires forethought into room usage. When we design a family room addition, we like to know the comforts, styles, and hobbies of the whole family. When designing a bedroom addition, we consider the individual’s age, interests, and needs. When designing a home office addition, we like giving the client the space to think and focus. Whether adding an extra room to your house from existing rooms or an entirely new room addition, we can curate the experience you envision.
As home addition designers, our professional design architects will start the process of adding an addition to a house by discussing your wants, needs, and dreams. Then, we will visit the home. Once we understand the project’s scope, we will design a home addition! We will conform with the local codes to ensure our footprint will be favorable for your municipality. Once we finalize and have municipal approval, we’ll hand it off to your contractor and be there every step until your house addition is finished!
If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these projects.
We are an Interior Architecture and Design firm that specializes in planning additions and remodels in the Pacific Northwest. At Fitch Design Company, our goal is to customize your home to your needs while creating a beautiful, refreshed, updated space.
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