Mid-Century Modern Marvel: A Notable Rambler Addition

Our Solution

Mid-Century Modern Marvel: A Notable Rambler Addition in collaboration with Inside Out Renovation Originally, this house was a typical rambler with a partial unfinished basement and a garage on the hillside. It consisted of three small bedrooms sharing one bathroom, a central kitchen, and a single living room. However, the clients desired to maximize their living space, prompting an addition towards the street and a complete house remodel. Through innovative thinking, we completely reimagined the house, expanding it to accommodate the needs of the growing family. Our solution involved a two-story expansion of the garage towards the street, which allowed us to create two new living rooms - one above the garage and another at the basement level. Additionally, we added a proper laundry room inside the house and crafted a full primary suite where the original living room once stood. To bring this vision to life, we employed fabulous colors, materials, and a mid-century modern styling. The kitchen stands out with its Bellmont walnut cabinets, complemented by champagne bronze accents, marble-like engineered quartz countertops, and a custom wood exhaust hood. The backsplash, a true work of art, features handmade tiles from Fireclay Tile, sourced all the way from California. The end result is a stunning and functional home that beautifully caters to the family's needs and aesthetic preferences.
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