We Do the Work for You

STEP 1: Connect with us

The first step is the biggest! 
Reach out to tell us about your dreams.  We can't wait to meet you! We are currently scheduling consultations in person and virtually.  

STEP 2: Getting Started

Let's meet at your house to identify your dreams and desires. 

STEP 3:  Concept Design

Your inspriations will guide us to conceptualize new spaces in exciting 3-D computer that are so realistic you won't understand why your kitchen still looks old!

STEP 4: The Details

Let's go shopping and pull the fun stuff together- Think Miranda Priestly's eye meets Carrie Bradshaws closet. 

The bigger the better, The bolder the better!

STEP 5: Completion and Handoff

A project defined with materials, drawings, engineering and a permit- you are ready to embark on the next frontier... 



Last but not least, and the most important-
We are here for you!  We want your process to be a success just as much as you do! 
We will join important meetings on site and ensure your dreams are executed to perfection.
We are an Interior Architecture and Design firm that specializes in planning additions and remodels in the Pacific Northwest. At Fitch Design Company, our goal is to customize your home to your needs while creating a beautiful, refreshed, updated space.
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